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The Gossamer Strings is an Americana duo with rich harmonies over beautiful instrumentation on guitar, banjo and mandolin (no, not all three at the same time), and haunting original songwriting by Kyle McGonegle and Liat Tova Lis. They unravel a new story in each song with clear and heartfelt singing that exposes the emotion hidden in the verse. Their tight instrumentation brings each song to another level, as the pair breathes together, not just in their harmonies, but also through their instruments. The pair invites listeners into their world with warm conversation like old friends.

Longer Bio

Liat Lis and Kyle McGonegle — comprising the old-time folk duo — are a reminder that sometimes, musicians are made for each other. Beyond the lush, characteristic two-part vocal harmonies that carve a wake through The Gossamer Strings’ music, there is songwriting and performance talent at work that has not seen since the string-band heyday of the previous decade. 

At once glistening with all the fresh appeal of a mountain snowpack in spring, Lis and McGonegle’s arresting brand of folk invokes the epic expanse of this wild country while facing simultaneously inward, to the windy, wide-open spaces in our hearts. Instrumentally, banjo and guitar never sounded so at home side by side. We’re talking about thoughtful arrangements here, supervised by four immaculate ears.

Throughout the duo’s  debut album there is not one instance of toes being stepped on, or overt business or vision in conflict. The result is refreshing and altogether unique. A sound that drags us back to clear water with languid ease, providing hope that harmony does exist in this world — we just need to go out and find it.


...there’s nothing insubstantial about what they do here… a rewarding album from start to finish.

-Mike Davies; Folk Radio more

There is a synergy here that results in an effervescent sparkle in the both vocal and instrumental harmonies

-James Filkins; Minor 7th more

This is an assured debut that takes classic Folk, Blues and Bluegrass and blends them with classic harmonies to make something sophisticated and timeless.

-Marc Higgins; Northern Sky  more

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